Hello and welcome to 5 Go Wild!

We are a family of 5 mum Kerry, dad Dan, six year old Eva, four year old Thea, 1 year old Luna and Bandit the dog.

This blog will be full of hints and tips for travelling with children and will also record our family adventures as we travel Europe in our van. Use the menu above and have a look around our site.

In 2016 we had two children and our ‘forever home’ with a 30 year mortgage and good jobs.  We took two holidays a year many involving long haul flights to far away destinations. Our plan to settle down had come together. However after four years we both realised that our 9-5 lifestyle was making us unhappy. We felt that we were missing valuable time with the kids that we could never get back and knew something had to change. We both decided the things that make us most happy are travel, working outdoors and adventures. With that in mind we started to plan our new adventure.

We took the leap sold the house and bought a minibus and converted it into a camper van. We plan to use the van to travel Europe for a couple of years.  After that we plan to travel further into the rest of the world! 

So far we have travelled through France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Holland,Germany and Scotland in 2018/19.

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